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Testimonial #1:

“I hired Ritz Design to build my deck, to renovate my cabinets, and to paint the interior of my house. They responded to all my needs and provided me with a project deadline in which it would be done.

Deck:The deck was finished a day prior to the deadline! The price was very reasonable. I obtained price quotes and compared prices with several other companies but Ritz Design's price was the lowest and they proved to me that their services can not be beat! Furthermore, I can now enjoy the wonderful weather outside on my beautiful deck!

Cabinets:While i was having them build our deck and paint the interior of our home, I also found enough in my budget to also renovate my cabinets. They gave me a wide selection of designs according to my budget. The Project Manager helped me pick out the color and design of the cabinets so that it would also flow with the new colors of the house. Once it was done, I was surprised at how different my home looked. For what I had paid, my house looked like renovated the whole house! I love the new ambiance that my house gives.

Interior Painting:I had my Family Room, Dining Room and Study painted. I had their Project Manager choose a color for the walls of each room that would best compliment my existing furniture. He chose the perfect colors! The colors are on the neutral side, so it's easy on the eyes and creates a warm environment in my home. The deadline for the painiting was done exactly on time as well.Something I noticed... they really try hard to perfect everything they do. With every detail, they make sure it looks the best in every angle - for our deck, cabinets and the interior painting.I will definitely not hesitate to refer this company to others! They are absolutely the best in the Metropolitan Area!!"

- Julie C., 04/22/2013

Testimonial #2:

“My husband and I hired Ritz Design to renovate one full bathroom and install recessed lighting in our master bedroom, and we are very glad we did. Not only was their work beautiful, but they provided excellent design advice, high quality materials (such as Kohler), and very detailed craftsmanship. Finally, they completed on-time as promised (10-days), and left our home not only significantly improved but also spotless (during the job they sealed off the work area and cleaned every night). We thank Ritz for being perfectionists. It is obvious that they enjoy and take pride in their work, and they take great care of their clients. See for yourself in the 2 before/4 after photos of our bathroom. We would not hesitate to call on Ritz again.”

- Pauline C., 2/11/2013

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Testimonial #3:

“Ritz Design has established and maintained a record for providing clients with exceptional service and is well-known for our technical expertise, commitment to quality and flexibility. Ritz Design aligns the vision of the client with their strategic plan to produce profound quality. Ritz Design has been consistently praised and recommended by numerous clients for our detailed appraisals, responsive in delivering services by deadlines and committed excellence in exceeding their expectations."

- Anonymous Reviewer